PALM MEDIA GROUP is responsible for all Media Coverage of PALM WORLD events and will also cover all PALM local events in each country, if it is either required or requested.
One Shot Media specialized in filming paintball events and has been doing this for more than a decade.
As we all know very well paintball is a very tricky sport to cover and to be able to do so with skill, it requires a lot of experience and also requires extensive equipment.
Perhaps the most difficult part of this job is coordinating the cameras, so well, that the viewers are able to follow the game and at the same time feel the excitement. One thing that is crucial for the future of paintball is its “viewer friendly atmosphere”.
We know as players that there are very few extreme sports that are as thrilling and exciting as a good game of paintball, but we have to be able to convey a large portion of this to the spectators, otherwise we are not going to get the public support we need.
With this said after many years of experience in Paintball we are experimenting more ways on how to guide the camera through a game to get the maximum efficiency, this requires a lot of active experience and equipment.
​​​​​​​One Shot Media is where the future begins.