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PALM stands for Paintball League Middle East. The palm-tree is the symbol of life, success, joy and harmony to those in the Middle East.
This powerful symbol is especially close to the hearts and lives of those living in an around the dry exposed but also life giving desert.
The very existence of the palm-tree is the source of the magical and mystifying phrase “Oasis in the desert”.
In Westen countries the palm tree is often recognized as the symbol of strength and honor.The Paintball League Middle East intends to stand for both concepts.
​​​​​​​We believe that the motto of Lord Admiral Nelson, “Palm am qui meruit ferat” meaning “let him bear the palm who has deserved it”, is fitting for the Paintball series Middle East. We intend to achieve the highest standard of paintball tounaments . ​​​​​​


Promoting PALM paintball league in the region Team building and motivating them to attend paintball events.
Introducing paintball to management levels in private and govenment institutions for optimum use of paintball as a tool for recreation and to raise moral and good health in personal that will lead to a better family life and work efficiency.
Introduction of paintball to schools and Universities for recreational and pro sport purposes.
​​​​​​​PALM GROUP is willing to become partners with all regional investors, who may wish to invest in to paintball.
We are able to help these groups in; designing, constructing recreational or even professional fields with the capability to be used for tuition.
Creation of a local “Paintball Academies” where players can receive proper training courses in par with world standards and receive certifications from their paintball govening bodies.
​​​​​​​Help in developing a local Paintball Federation with all the needed infrastructure from A to Z by implementing all the necessary committees and assisting to emplace all proper intenational rules and regulations.Hold local paintball clinics for training coaches, local field refs, professional refs and team coaching and tactics by some of the best instructors in the world.
Help in forming a National paintball team that can raise your flag in world tounaments.Last but perhaps the most important Mission is to arrange and monotor regular paintball event across the region and maintain a strong and stable flow but making it our priority that paintball teams spend the minimum amount of money by attending these events.