Mohsen Mozafari

Founder of the first Research and Development foundtion for paintball equipment in West Asia region.Paintball Manufacturer.CEO of Palm Paintball Series Organization.

Hamid Nikpour

Founder of  Paintball in Iran, joint founder of PALM, President of the Iranian Paintball Association and the INPL (Iranian National Paintball League).

Nima Zomorrodi

Organizer of PALM IRAN. Member of the Iranian National team, member of  Team Datis. Also as a coach he has trained many players and teams.

Reza Shahran

International ref with over 15 years ofexperience in referee affairs. President of the Iranian Referee committee also President of Rules and Regulations.MEREF organizer.

Manochehr Mozaffari

Director of photography , film maker with 20 years of experiance.Cultural and artistic advisor to the Iranian Paintball Association. His short film on paintball was merited at the Tehran International Sports Films Festival in Tehran,Iran 2013.

Hamed Ashouri

Member of the Iranain National paintball team with many years of experiance with team Datis. He is known by all as one of the best paintball players to date in Iran. Hamed takes care of all field layouts and is an advisor to PALM SERIES.

Sayed Reza Mousavi

With 6 years of paintball administrative experience We believe that he will be a great asset to our already Greatly experienced staff

Mehrshad Kouhi

PALM SERIES Technical manager.Mechanical engineer with 13 years of experience in heavy duty industrial machinery.

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